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Teddy, the bear

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That’s the story of Teddy the Bear
Found in a room, forgotten for some beer
He was on fire with a very bad stink
enjoying his staying with sex, drugs & drinks
He tried to cheat us: he had no money to pay
So with Poste Italiane, we sent him back to the USA


Olli and Rodrigo night

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Tonight live brasilian music with Olli and Rodrigo!

Size doesn’t matter

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Gift from a group of girls who spent the weekend here to celebrate a bachelorette party.

Feel free to pick up some. Size doesn’t matter.

Birthday breakfast

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Flowers, birthday cake, brakfast at 1.30 pm. We do love to cuddle our guests. Especiallty on a 18th birthday.

Tanti auguri Raffaella!

Have a good day

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