Agnes Duerrschnabel is a German-born ceramics designer and teacher.

She chose to move to Como with her husband more than 30 years ago, but her passion for ceramics started before then. In 2007, Agnes decided to certify her skills and abilities with a course at the Staatl Fachschule für Keramikgestaltung Höhr-Grenzhausen (State Institute for Ceramic Ceramics Design).

In 2013, she opened her Como workshop in the ancient monastery of Santa Margherita. The monastery had been closed by Napoleon, like many other old monasteries. They are now slowly being rejuvinated for new purposes.

Entering the workshop your eyes take in all its ceramic-filled corners, but only with a closer look can one appreciate the delicacy and strength of Agnes’ works. The best is to hear Agnes speak passionately about her works on exhibit at the Metiers D’Artes, or about her favorite current pieces inspired by natural elements.

Understanding the tactile differences between terracotta, gres and porcelain is a unique experience; you too can discover this at one of Agnes’ courses and workshops. Visit:

* Agnes’ tips:
LOCANDA FILOMENA (in Palanzo): Good beer, live music and so much fun. Describing it is not enough, it must be seen!

ITTITURISMO DA ABATE (in Lezzeno): Cozy local with stone walls and Van des Froos music. No lake view but excellent cuisine. They are also fishermen so it’s fresh fish and great value for money.

LAROBATORIO di Aldo Sanpietro (in Como): Contemporary art joinery, best to book before visiting.

ATELIER DI WALTER CASTELNUOVO (in Palanzo): Walter is a very good ceramist, perhaps the only one in the area when I arrived in Italy 30 years ago. He lives in a very special house built in the 1600 and is a great friend.

CINEMA GLORIA (Como): Reassuring nostalgic place, remarkable for the passion and dedication shown by the organisers for years despite various difficulties.

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