To be awarded means that all the commitment and passion we put in our daily work is rewarded. Our main goal is to share our love for Hostel life and traveling. So, when we receive awards, we can’t be but happy and thank our guests. Without you we wouldn’t be standing where we stand.

What are the Hoscars?

Hoscars (HOStelword Customer Annual Ratings) are the most prestigious awards a hostel can receive. Winners are elected by more than 8 millions Hostelworld customers reviewing the hostels they have stayed in according to seven criteria: value for money, security, location, facilities, staff, atmosphere, cleanliness.

What is the Ambrogino d’oro?

Ambrogino d’oro is the award assigned by the City of Milan.  While the Ambrogino is awarded to people, the civic merit goes to the entire organizations or associations that have taken concrete steps to enhance the prestige of the city.














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